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Street basketball singles

Playing basketball

2022-06-26 03:16Street basketball singles
Summary: How to write a basketball compositionThe annual basketball game kicked off. In order to avenge the first round elimination of the previous session, all the team members gathered their strength and wor
How to write a basketball composition
The annual basketball game kicked off. In order to avenge the first round elimination of the previous Playing basketballsession, all the team members gathered their strength and worked hard to train, hoping to make other classes bow to the throne and complete our dream of the last semester. In the cheers of the cheerleaders of class 6 and this class, the players of both sides came on the stage and took a lookComposition about playing basketball
Just after a minor disaster, another minor disaster hit me head-on. I feel that a ball is going to hit my head. Please protect it with your hands. At this moment, a basketball hit me on the head. Fortunately, I was protected by my hands. Otherwise, I would be hit with a big blue bag! I finished playing and sighedWrite a composition about playing basketball, 150 words
There are many happy things in the world. Although many things have been forgotten, the brand of thPlaying basketballat thing in my heart has not disappeared. One sunny morning, my father and I went to play basketball. When we started pitching, my father and I said, "Dad, let's play a ball game
Basketball composition
Chapter 4: playing basketball today, yuanshuaiqi and I went to play basketball. We came to the light court. We like to hear the "brush" sound of goals. So we came to the light court to play basketballFifty words in basketball composition
When I was in grade one, I always envied other senior brothers for playing basketball very well, and I also hoped that I could play basketball as well as my senior brother. Finally one day, I took out a basketball from my room and said excitedly to my father, "Dad, I want to learn to play basketball." I just finishedPrimary school students write (play basketball) compositions
Today, I had a PE class. My classmates and I played basketball very intensely. I am the center, another is the forward, and another is the defensive. We have three out of three, three on each side. The game began. I went to grab the ball one after another, defending against the opponent's defender, and the striker went to grab the basket. I hold the ball in a squatting positionHow to write a composition about playing basketball in Grade Three Volume 1
I believe everyone has played basketball. Of course, I have played basketball, but my basketball is a little disobedient. I have to fly around every time I shoot. Next, I'll tell you something interesting about shooting. I had dinner, had a rest, and was ready to play basketball. So I couldn't wait to pick up the basketball and play it. I am oneHow to write 300 words in my composition about playing basketball
I like playing basketball because it can enhance the good feelings between people. You may meet some unknown classmates when you play basketball, but in the process of playing basketball, you may unknowingly become inseparable good friends. Besides, when you win a game with your friends, you will be very happyComposition about playing basketball 30 words
My dream is to be a basketball player. As long as basketball is mentioned, my eyes will shine. Playing basketball is my hobby, because basketball can not only exercise, but also enhance everyone's team spirit. My dream is to be a basketball player. Answer
A composition about playing basketball
Later, I learned to pour urine cans, but others like to laugh at me. So I seldom play basketball. If I want to play basketball, it must be when no one or others don'tPlaying basketball pay attention. Now, I learned to shoot with one hand. So whether someone is playing there or no one is playing there, I dare to play a game
Playing basketball

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