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It hurts to play basketball

2022-06-25 23:46Street basketball singles
Summary: Why does the 13-year-old boy have egg pain after playing basketballMaybe it's an egg, or it just happens. It'll be fine in two days. Egg pain is quite painful. Cut it outPlaying basketball, the
Why does the 13-year-old boy have egg pain after playing basketball
Maybe it's an egg, or it just happens. It'll be fine in two days. Egg pain is quite painful. Cut it outPlaying basketball, the testicle was hit for a while. It hurt for a while. It'll be fine after a while. What's up
This place is the weakest place for men. Once you hurt it, it is very painful. As you said, you have no problem. Don't worryWhen playing basketball crotch dribble, the ball always touches the egg. It hurts. What should I do
Crotch changing hands dribble is a dribble technique based on changing hands in front of the body. The dribble should be low and the ball should be controlled within the absolute range of both hands as much as possible. The absolute range refers to the range in which two haIt hurts to play basketballnds control the direction, height anIt hurts to play basketballd speed of dribblinIt hurts to play basketballg. The rhythm of dribbling can be adjusted according to the needs of breakthrough or other actionsThe testicles were squeezed when playing basketball, which was very painful
Answer: opinions and suggestions: the situation you mentioned is caused by trauma. It is suggested that you can generally be treated with infusion and anti-inflammatory after checking in the hospital, and take Lijunsha tablets and Tinidazole tablets orally for treatmentWhen I usually play basketball, my right testicle will swell and ache, and my right waist will also ache. This is
Does testicular pain make an adult man cry? This kind of pain is often caused by being hit by the ball to the groin, or being hit by the close of the foot. In fact, no matter which way, the strongest person has to bend his knees and cry because the reproductive organs are hitMale, 18 years old, what is the reason for testicular pain after varIt hurts to play basketballicose vein playing basketball
This condition is mainly caused by varicose testicular veins. Swelling caused by increased venous pressure after strenuous exercise. This situation is to actively carry out B-ultrasound examination to determine the situation. When necessary, it is necessary to consider active surgical treatment. Otherwise, it will affect the future reproductive functionI was kicked to the egg when playing football. It has been a dull pain. Do you want to go to Suzhou Soochow Hospital for examination
It is suggested to go to the local top three hospitals for examination, but not to some Putian Department hospitals. Generally speaking, the egg will feel pain when it is impacted by an external force, but it will recover in a short time, that is, it will not feel pain all the time. If the pain lasts for a day, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital for examinationPlaying basketball two days ago, I was hit by the ball to my testicle. It hurt for a while, and then it didn't hurt. Now it doesn't hurt. Something happened
You can apply it with a warm towel or wipe it with safflower oil. It will be more reassuring. No pain, generally nothing will happen, but it is better to go to the hospital for consultationTwo days ago, playing basketball suddenly left testicular pain
It should be the groin ligament injury. The pain after varicocele surgery should not be any more. It is mainly caused by sudden exertion. Let's rest for a few days. You can use hot compress. If the pain is severe, you can also spray Yunnan Baiyao aerosol. Don't worry too much. It will be all right in a few daysHow is playing basketball testicular ache to return a responsibility
It is suggested that the underwear should not be too loose. Warm up and play ball well. At the same time, it also means that you do not exercise enough at ordinary times. The blood circulation is too slow. Run more and exercise more will be fine
It hurts to play basketball

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