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What should I do if I often sprain in basketball

2022-06-24 13:04Street basketball singles
Summary: When playing ball, you always sprain. How can you avoid sprainFirst of all, we should have qualified basketball shoes. Generally, we wear high top style shoes to protect our feet. Secondly, when you w
When playing ball, you always sprain. How can you avoid sprain
First of all, we should have qualified basketball shoes. Generally, we wear high top style shoes to protect our feet. Secondly, when you want to sprain your foot, you should fall down along the direction of the sprained foot, which can reduce the injury. Even if there is only slight pain, you should take a rest and do not immediately engage in violent activities. Another is to look down and pay attention to your feet when falling from high altitudeWhat should I do if I sprain in basketball
It is dangerous to play basketball with sprained feet, and the injury to the ankle joint is still great. In this case, the thing must be to do a good warm-up action, and then exercise after the activity, so as to increase the coordination of the body and reduce the probability of sprained feet. Do not run too much during the activity, especially the sudden acceleration and other actionsWhat measures should be taken in time after basketball sprain? How to deal with it afterwards
Answer: for basketball players, sprain is inevitable. It can be said that it is a situation that everyone will encounter. However, no one is willing to face this situation, because the sprain is an injury to their own joints. What's more, it will seriously affect our lives. The so-called breaking bones and muscles for a hundred days, what should I do after I sprained my footHow to deal with frequently sprained feet in basketball
Until he recovers completely. In addition, it is very important to choose a pair of professional basketball shoes. High top basketball shoes have good protection for feet. In addition, after each injury, you should wait for complete recovery before going to the next basketball activity. Don't play with injuries to prevent injuries from adding to injuriesWhat about sprain when playing basketball
Sprain is something that people often encounter in life. It is called "ankle sprain" in medicine. This kind of injury is a kind of injury that external force makes the foot and ankle exceed its maximum range of motion, causing the muscles, ligaments and even joint capsules around the joints to be pulled and torn, resulting in pain, swelling and claudicationHow does the habitual sprain of basketball recover
Wipe with safflower oil. If you don't know how to do it, I can only tell you that your habitual sprain has a lot to do with the way you play, including the way your feet land when you move, and so on. Then you should wear a pair of better shoes, at least high top shoes. Or buy a better bandage to tie your ankleI sprained my ankle playing basketball. What should I do
After injury, stop exercise immediately, and then wash the ankle joint with cold water for several minutes to avoid serious swelling and congestion. It should be noted that although some basketball fans' sprains are not very serious, playing after sprains will aggravate their condition and cause greater dangerWhy do you often sprain your feet (all left feet) recently? How can you prevent it
It would be better to pay more attention to protection at ordinary times, and the center of gravity of the foot should be inward as far as possible. Drop your toes first. If you just sprained your foot, it is estimated that your foot is seriously sprained, and systematic treatment is the most importantHow to play basketball sprain
After playing basketballWhat should I do if I often sprain in basketball, you can immediately apply cold compress, such as ice bag compress, cold water flush, etc., to reduce blood flow and prevent swelling and pain, and then go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. If there is no fracture, you can apply safflower oil every day, which will be relieved after about three weeksHow to play basketball with sprained feet
I often sprain my feet when playing basketball. I summaWhat should I do if I often sprain in basketballrized some experiences and shared them. First of all, I must do a good warm-up before playing basketball, jog or stomp in place, just like skipping rope, and then relax the joints of the upper and lower limbs, waist and abdomen, especially the feet, because after the foot sprains, if I don't pay attention, it is easy to suffer inertia sprain injury. Second, sprain
What should I do if I often sprain in basketball

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