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Helpless to play basketball with age

2022-06-24 06:57Street basketball singles
Summary: At the age of 24, I don't want to work in the factory again. What I think is playing professional basketball. I have no choice but to face the realityTo tell the truth, basketball can only be used
At the age of 24, I don't want to work in the factory again. What I think is playing professional basketball. I have no choice but to face the reality
To tell the truthHelpless to play basketball  with age, basketball can only be used as a hobby, but hardly as a profession. Moreover, with the increase of age, various disadvantages will become more and more obvious. It is recommended to learn some other skills as soon as possible to enter the workplace. People always have to face the realityIn the NBA, no one cares. Lin Shuhao disclosed his helplessness in a document. How do fans respond
Lin Shuhao disclosed his frustration in an article. He wrote: over the past few months, I have watched other players get contracts and opportunities one by one. I told myself that as long as I had a ten day contract and a chance to get back on the pitch, I could smash these doubtsUncle gas has no choice but to leave after playing basketball for a few shots. Why should people have dreams at any Helpless to play basketball  with agetime_ Baidu knows
A gas uncle left after playing basketball, which directly shows that he once had a deep love for basketball. However, it is the pressure of life to leave after only a few shots. This shows that people's dreams will not be erased with timeWhenHelpless to play basketball  with age playing basketball, every time I beat others, they really couldn't beat me with the ball. Once they hit the ball, they went out of bounds. He
If you are out of bounds again, you are out of bounds. If you encounter this situation again next time, push him towards the boundary to see that he is going out of the boundary and his center of gravity is out of control. Immediately close his body and move a little away from the court (it is very important to grasp this opportunity, which makes him unstable and unable to hold the ball, so he has to go
I can't play. I felt helpless on the court yesterday! I have to play because there are not enough people, but I won't
You can act as a center, stand under the backboard, grab the backboard, and become the backboard king. If your shooting accuracy is good, you can also act as a point guard, so that your class has a strong outside line, but all this needs cooperation. If you don't cooperate in basketball, everything is floatingGas uncle, who wants to play basketball but has no choice but to leave for life, became popular unexpectedly. What is the reason for his popularity
But after work, we have less and less time to exercise, and those comrades in arms who sweat on the basketball court are also moving away. These are the realities that make us helpless and real. Therefore, the reason why this uncle became popular is that we have seen the truth and reality in him, as well as our present self. WePlaying basketball is really helpless.. Willing to help me come in
Let me give you some personal advice: basketball is a collective sport In addition to the overall understanding of basketball, the most important thing is feeling Many people know the sense of the ball, the sense of the hand, the sense of the position and so on. In fact, these are the consciousness and understanding of basketballI'm helpless. I like basketball very much, but I play basketball badly. I don't know how to play it
Brother, don't worry about playing basketball. The shooting is not good. Is it a new position? You can practice slowly. The action must be standard and in harmony. Shooting doesn't have to be hollow. You can hit the board. Don't play too fancy, as long as you are accurate and fast. It's acHelpless to play basketball  with agetually very simple to pick up one hand during the layup, but it will be blocked if the speed is not fastHelplessness in playing basketball
But you should deeply know that this is a team sport. Now you are still young, the only thing is nothing. The students say you should not take it too seriously. In addition, when playing with adults outside the school, you must pay attention to the physical joints. In your words, "the rude players outside" are all playing more wild balls, which means thatHow to play basketball?? Helpless
Practice dribbling first. Beginners don't need to practice fancy dribbling, nor do they need to practice passing moves. Practice shooting after dribbling smoothly. Set a goal number for themselves every day. Don't stop until the goal is reached. Practice other moves after the hit rate is improved~~~
Helpless to play basketball with age

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