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Playing basketball is bad for the knee

2022-06-23 21:00Street basketball singles
Summary: Playing basketball often is bad for your kneesFor excessive exercise, you should pay attention to rest. Secondly, when you sleep, you must cover your knees with a quilt. Don't turn on the air condi
Playing basketball often is bad for your knees
For excessive exercise, you should pay attention to rest. Secondly, when you sleep, you must cover your knees wPlaying basketball is bad for the kneeith a quilt. Don't turn on the air conPlaying basketball is bad for the kneeditioner all night. Sleeping can easily lead to muscle atrophy. I'm a school basketball team. We often suggest that you buy a better knee pad when you play. The knee pad endorsed by Jordan is better than the one set on your knees as a wholeWhich technical action in basketball has the greatest injury to the knee
Strong impact can easily lead to knee injury. In addition, amateur basketball lovers generally do not have targeted physical exercise and sports diet, so they gradually become unsuitable for playing basketball with their age. Under normal circumstances, the emergency stop action is not dangerous, because if the level is not highDo you hurt your knee playing basketball
When playing basketball, it is easy to damage the meniscus of the knee joint due to the patient's jumping movement, or because of an external force on the side during the movement, and the knee joint is still in the process of movement, it will cause damage to the lateral collateral ligament of the knee joint. In case of knee joint injury, it is generally necessary to terminate the movement in time, let the knee joint rest and maintain the functional position of the knee jointPlaying basketball is very important to protect your knees. What do you know
If you love basketball, do your knee pain affect your playing training? Today, I'd like to share with you some solutions. The vast majority of chronic knee pain is caused by long-term bad landing habits. It is easy to cause meniscus injury if you buckle your knee to the ground. The correct way to land is that your knee and ankle are in the same straight lineHow much is the injury to the knee when playing basketball? What effect will it have when you get old, hehe
Generally, playing ball is good for your body unless you have NBA level bouncing and fierce confrontation {of course, your body will be affected} I have suPlaying basketball is bad for the kneemmarized the causes of lower knee injury. The range of motion of human joints is very large, but the same is true of weight bearing, which almost carries the weight of the whole bodyHow big is the injury of playing basketball to the knee
If you are an elderly lover, because the cartilage of the knee joint has hardened, if there is damage, it is difficult to rely on self-cultivation to recover. If the meniscus of the knee joint is damaged, you need to pay careful attention. Because when we play ball, we will make many and more difficult actions, which will cause great injury to the knee, such as turning and backHow to play basketball to reduce knee injury
Any exercise will cause a certain degree of damage to the body. Therefore, the key to solve this problem is how to protect and minimize the damage to the body. The impact of basketball on the knee belongs to a more serious category in all sports. In addition, ordinary people play on the concrete field, rarely using wooden floors and kneesHow to protect the knee iPlaying basketball is bad for the kneen basketball
The first thing to do before playing basketball is to warm up. It is very important to warm up the body by walking and jogging. Especially in winter, it can protect our body very well. The second is some warm-up of knee joint and ankle wristWhy is the knee most easily injured in basketball
The reason is that in the process of falling, the knee has to bear the weight of 3-5 times of one's own weight (it can be simply explained here that when one goes upstairs, the knee has to bear the weight of 2 times of one's own weight, and when he goes downstairs, he has to bear the weight of 3 times of one's own weight. Therefore, when playing basketball, he bears the weight of about 3-5 times when taking off and landing)Often playing basketball is the most worried about hurting the knee. What methods can protect the knee from injury
So as to avoid the knee injury caused by collision during the field movement. The knee injury in the process of playing basketball is closely related to the lack of strength of the lower limbs. If you like playing basketball at ordinary times, then targeted exercise is very necessary
Playing basketball is bad for the knee

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