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Why is basketball easy to fight

2022-06-23 20:06Street basketball singles
Summary: Why do I always have conflicts with others when playing basketballFirst of all, playing ball is a sport with strong physical resistance and a high degree of passion. People who play ball are generally
Why do I always have conflicts with others when playing basketball
First of all, playing ball is a sport with strong physical resistance and a high degree of passion. People who play ball are generally not low in their desire to win. Therefore, conflicts often occur. The main reason is that the landlord should be calm after something happens. If someone else is not hurt too much, he should apologize. Take responsibility. If someone else hurts himself, don't be too angry. After all, the basketball collision is very seriousWhy does the Chinese men's basketball team always fight
There are too many playing actions. Some are accidents on the court, such as some actions caused by tripping or being hit by teammates. As a basketball lover who also likes playing basketball, I think we should be more civilized in playing basketball, exchange skills and fight lessHow about those who like playing basketball
There is no necessary connection between playing basketball and fighting. People who can play basketball have strong motor coordination ability, developed cerebellum and high strength. Fighting ability is naturally good, but basketball is a sport that can inspire people's vitality. It can't be confused with work. The court and battlefield are the same. It depends on how you understand and solve it. AngerWhy is it easy to have physical conflicts when playing basketball
The action is not standard or too big, which is prone to conflict. If it is your own reason, you should take the initiative to apologize. If it is the other party's foul, don't be anxious; To maintain a stable state of mind, after all, basketball is a more confrontational sport, and conflict is inevitable. If the other party deliberately acts big, then he won't fight if he doesn't playBasketball players like to fight
How can we say that playing basketball together is inevitable to have friction. If there is a quarrel, especially when there are many people, they will not give up easily for the sake of face, but this way can not solve the problemHow much is an ordinary basketball
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Why do players fight so often
What you said is not absolute, but most of it is what you said! Because, playing well, the motor nerve is more developed! Reflex nerve is faster! So when fighting, his reaction speed and strength are dominant! So it looks like a fierce fight! But there are also personality and psychological factors that make it not outstanding when fightingWhy do some people play basketball like that? It was supposed to be fun, but there will be a fight soon, so we all
It has something to do with character. Playing basketball is a sport of intense physical confrontation. No one wants to lose. It is very similar to the ancient fighting. The Chinese team sometimes fights, right? Hehe
Why do basketball players particularly like fighting
Because in the process of confrontation, it is very easy to have body collisions, and sometimes because of the home atmosphere, the players will be very angry, so they often fight. The most famous fight was the ataiban Wallace fight in the palace of Auburn hill, which eventually developed into a group of fights, which also directly led to the decline of the PacersWhy basketball is easy to fight
Because playing basketball has a tendency of violence. Therefore, it is easy to have fights caused by scoresShould children be banned from playing because it is easy to conflict with others
I believe many parents will have a problem, that is, whether they should let their children play ball or not, because it is inevitable that there will be physical contact or physical conflict when playing ball. At this time, they are likely to be hurt or fight. After all, children may not be able to say anything well. They often have to fight before they can calm down. Therefore
Why is basketball easy to fight

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