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How to play basketball to the waist

2022-06-22 18:02Street basketball singles
Summary: Is there any way to recover quickly after flashingIn daily life, many people like to play basketball. However, basketball is an antagonistic sport, which is easy to reach the waist. So, if we play bas
Is there any way to recover quickly after flashing
In daily life, many people like to play basketball. However, basketball is an antagonistic sport, which is easy to reach the waist. So, if we play basketball to the waist, how should we recover quickly? In fact, there are several ways to recover quickly: the first is to pay attention to restHow to twist your waist when playing basketball
If the elderly are careless in daily life, such as turning around to pick up objects, lifting heavy objects, coughing or sneezing, they are likely to cause acute lumbar sprain due to improper or excessive force. The principle that patients must abide by when carrying out auxiliary self-treatment is that it is best to stay in bed for the first 3 days of acute lumbar sprain, because the lying position can relax the waistWhat should I do if my waist flashes when playing basketball
It's probably not a big deal that you don't exercise much at ordinary times, but it's caused by sudden strenuous exercise. If it's a little sour, it's caused by muscle strenuous exercise. You'll be fine after a week's rest. There should be nothing. As long as you haven't experienced a fall or collision, this is very normalWhat if you flash your waist when playing basketball
Flash back is a big event. Pay attention to treatment. I didn't get well after I flashed my waist, but I played again. As a result, my waist was very sour every time I played. Later, I said it was lumbar muscle strain, which was difficult to treat. In your case, it is recommended to go to the traditional Chinese medicine massage, which is very easy to use. Once again, it is nourishing. Do not play again until you are wellHow to recover quickly by playing basketball
If your bones are OK, you should consider local soft tissue damage. Those who can ice compress the painful part within 24 hours of the injury, and those who can use Yunnan Baiyao for treatment after 24 hoursWhat should I do if I play basketball? Dare not bend down
Suggestion: it is recommended that you apply a plaster to the affected area to promote blood circulation and relieve pain, and take orally the drugs to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. The commonly used ones are: Shujin Huoluo Jianyao pill and zhuangyaobushen pill. I wish you a speedy recovery! Doctor asks:
What should I do if I twist my waist to play basketball
Lumbar sprain is commonly known as "flashing waist". Ordinary people often flash to the waist when bending down to lift heavy objects. I hope you should avoid this kind of action. The key point of first aid is to keep comfortable posture, rest and cold compress. Lumbar sprain is caused by the sudden pulling of the lumbar muscles when bending down to take heavy objects. When the waist sprains, you should first maintain a comfortable postureHow to play quickly
As the saying goes, ten injures nine. It's true that the seemingly strong waist is actually fragile. You may lose your waist if you get up and hit it. What if I twist my waist? One is to immediately choose a wooden bed to lie down and rest. The other is to apply cold compress locally within 24 hours of sprain. After 24 hours, you can treat yourself. Massage: proneHow did you do when playing basketball
Through the X-ray films when bending and stretching, it can be seen that the activity of the intervertebral disc increases at the stage of lumbar instability, which itself indicates that the normal structure is damaged. Originally, the connection between the vertebral bodies was relatively neat, but in the abnormal stage, in fact, some parts moved forward, which is also a manifestation of lumbar instabilityPlay basketball to your waist. You'll be very tired when you do heavy work. What's a good wHow to play basketball to the waistay
Press the spine bone with your hand. If there is a pain point, it may be a place where there is dislocation or a place where the muscles are easy to get out of the groove. If so, it is a common disease. Most of them do not need drugs or surgical treatment. Find an orthopedic doctor, who specializes in treating this kind of disease by manipulation and no longer oppresses the nerves. The corresponding symptoms will naturally disappear. That is the time for treatment
How to play basketball to the waist

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