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Shorter in basketball

2022-06-23 11:02Street basketball singles
Summary: After playing basketball, crus ache, feel height became short, how to return a responsibilityAfter exercise, muscle acid is normal. There is also a basis for feeling short. There will be errors betwee
After playing basketball, crus ache, feel height became short, how to return a responsibility
After exercise, muscle acid is normal. There is also a basis for feeling short. There will be errors between the measurement at night and the measurement when getting up in the morning. It is 3 ~ 4cm. I have measured it before. It is 189cm at night and 191cm in the morning
Why do I get shorter every time I play basketball well
The amount of joint movement is large, and the energy cannot be supported after playing, resulting in joint contraction, so it is a little short
I am an 18-year-old boy (just full). I used to be 0.5cm shorter after playing basketball (such as high-intensity sports)
No, I was more than 10cm older when I was 18. In fact, a person's height changes in a day. Because his bones and joints will relax after rest in the evening, he is generally the highest after getting up in the morning. After a day of exercise, he is about 0.5-1 cm shorter at night. This is normalI'm almost eighteen! I also play basketball, but I haven't seen myself grow tall! Instead, it became shorter. What happened
It's no surprise. Playing basketball is conditional. Running and jumping often can lengthen the ligaments in the joints. Some people find themselves taller after a period of time; Some people don't have ligaments to lengthen. Maybe like you, but they won't get shorter. It's just your psychological function. It's better to exercise moreDo girls get shorter when they play basketball
No, basketball is a sport that loosens muscles and bones and can effectively exercise bones. It has a good effect on promoting growth and physical development. It is recommended to exercise a little every day, which is also good for improving physical coordinationGet shorter after exercise
The cartilage at a person's high knee is elongated. The movement of vertical bouncing will compress the cartilage each time it falls down, and the cartilage will become shorter, so it will become shorter. However, when you go to sleep the next day, the cartilage may become longer because it becomes shorter before and lengthens again the next dayWhy do you get shorter after playing basketball
After strenuous exercise, the cartilage between the vertebrae is compressed, resulting in a height reduction of 1~2 cm
Children often play basketball, but the president is not tall. What do you think of this
Children's height is related to many factors. As one of the ways of health and safety, sports are deeply loved by parents and children, especially basketball, volleyball and other body stretchingShorter in basketball exercises. Basketball is a popular sport, but what age is suitable for childrShorter in basketballen to learShorter in basketballn to play basketball? How much do you know? The height of a child is mostly due to genetic factorsHow did I get shorter after playing basketball
What position did you play! Are you very tall? Your teammates are shorter than you. Do you think they are looking down and their necks are leaning forward? You may have measured them wrong or not up to standard! Now it's up to standardWilShorter in basketballl your height drop after playing basketball
No. It is the difference in height between day and night. It will be a little higher when I wake up during the day and a little shorter at night. But there won't be much difference. If it exceeds 3cm, check the ruler. Why do you check the encyclopedia
Shorter in basketball

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