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Assemble the basketball stand

2022-07-03 20:02Street basketball singles
Summary: How to install the basketball frame the construction method of basketball frame installationFor underground installation, you need to dig a 50 * 50 square pit with a depth of about 80 to install the e
How to install the basketball frame the construction method of basketball frame installation
For underground installation, you need to dig a 50 * 50 square pit with a depth of aboAssemble the basketball standut 80 to install the embedded parts. After the cement is fixed, you can fix them with expansion screws. The box body can be prepared with counterweights. The basketball frame can be assembled directly with weightsHow to assemble the basketball rack
I don't know whether you are outdoors or indoors. If you are indoors, it's best not to put it against the wall. Put it in an open place with a certain distance from the wall, so that you won't hit the wall when you lay up. For outdoor professional basketball stands:
Are the screws that assemble the basketball stand expansion screws
Different manufacturers use different ones. I've seen a basketball frame wAssemble the basketball standith expanded silk at the link with the ground, and ordinary silk at other placesHow to install the basketball stand
Step introduction: place the base of the basketball rack in the installation position. Install the column and screws. Install the probe arm, align the screw hole of the prAssemble the basketball standobe arm with the column, screw and install the rear pull rod, install the blue plate, pull brace
Application for inspection of civil interior materials: how to make the basketball frame production and installation inspection batch
Basketball stands are auxiliary facilities, not the main structure of the building. If you have to work in the office, you can do well in the following ways. 1. You know how to do basketball frame foundation. 2. Inspection lot of steel incoming material processing. 3 steel production inspection lot. 4 basketball frame assembly inspection lot. 5 basketball rack installation inspection lotHow much does it cost to buy a mobile standard basketball stand
In fact, basketball frames are divided into many styles, and the relative prices of different styles and materials are also different. For conventional models, the price will be between 3500 yuan and 10000 yuan. The better ones will be between 10000 and 50000, which are divided into manual and electro-hydraulic basketball framesHow to install primaryAssemble the basketball stand school students' basketball stands
The standard design and installation of basketball stands for primary schools: the hoop is made of solid steel, with a diameter of 16 mm -20 mm. The distance between the backboard surface and the column cannot be less than 600mm. The net length is 40cm-45cm, and the height is 2050mm-2350mm. The distance between the backboard surface and the nearest point along the inner edge of the hoop is 148 mm -152 mmWhat are the structural characteristics of the movable standard basketball frame
This basketball frame is assembled and easy to use. The backboard is made of high-strength safe tempered glass material and aluminum alloy frame. It has the characteristics of strong impact resistance, high transparency and strong weather resistance. The main surface of the ball rack is treated by electrostatic spraying, with a lasting and bright color. Structural features of jt-007 imitation hydraulic basketball stand:
Do you know the person who assembled the basketball stand
Sadly, you won't pay for it. Then you can ask the manufacturer to give you the basketball frame installation drawing! Comparison is OK, isn't it
Assemble the basketball stand

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