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Curie playing basketball video one word: shooting

2022-06-28 14:02Street basketball singles
Summary: Curry's unique basketball skillsOne word: shoot. All kinds of unreasonable 3-point shooters have no temper. To tell you the truth, curry is really hung up. Now the playoff three-point ranking has s
Curry's unique basketball skills
One word: shoot. All kinds of unreasonable 3-point shooters have no temper. To tell you the truth, curry is really hung up. Now the playoff three-point ranking has surpassed Terry and ranked 11th. You know that curry has 3 points, but you just can't help it. You have a long range and a quick shot. That's greatWho is curry looking for one armed basketball teenager
After KULI sent out the microblog, the reporter contacted zhangjiacheng. "I will work harder." Zhangjiacheng said that he was very happy, because his first favorite basketball player was curry, who would also watch him play at ordinary times. He did not expect that one day curry would pay attention to himself. After Curie Weibo was sent outHas curry lost the meaning of basketball by playing basketball like this
The one who is more accurate than the other will win; Whoever scores higher than the other side wins. The seconCurie playing basketball video  one word: shootingd question is: how does curry play basketball? The difference between curry and other players is that curry is the most accurate shot, with a career average of 62.3% of the real shooting rate, even in the 17-18 sCurie playing basketball video  one word: shootingeasonHow does curry play? Try to be careful. It is recommended to connect to WiFi
Curry plays three points and kills clay
Is curry the cleanest superstar in the league
Kuri's defense is absolutely clean. In Kuri's entire professional life, most people pay more attention to Kuri's attack, especially the three-point, which matches the death of the warriors. In recent years, it has led a new trend in the NBA, and more and more teams begin to pay attention to the three-pointHow good is curry, who is said to be suitable for pCurie playing basketball video  one word: shootinglayers of various systems
8 points, 5.7 assists, 5.5 rebounds and 1.21 steals, with a hit rate of 48.3%, a three-point hit rate of 42.1%, and an average of 5.3 three-point shots per game. Both 31.8 points per game and 5.3 three-point shots per game are career highs. He is accurate in shooting, quick in shooting, good at steals and shooting three-point shots, which has become a symbol of Kuri's strong playingChina's "one armed youth" became popular in basketball and did not lose to normal people. Curry: help me find him. What happened in the end
The video of him playing basketball with one hand has become popular. Even though he has only one left hand, his dribbling and shooting skills are not inferior to ordinary people. In the face of opponents who are much stronger than him, he can easily pass and shoot successfully. Zhangjiacheng's performance was praised by netizensCurry kneels down to dribble. Do you think it's handsome to play like this
Many young players especially like cool moves in the process of playing, including the fancy dribble and fancy layup that we often mention. These actions are good-looking, but they can not guarantee a player's goal efficiency. Therefore, for those professional athletes, they just have to do so... Curry's kind of point guard. ICurie playing basketball video  one word: shooting am 168cm, just started playing basketball, and the point guard is not basic
Unable to score a three-point; Before the third year of senior high school, I attended the school training camp. "My teammates looked at me like, why are you still playing?" curry said. "I endured it for a month and a half and suddenly became enlightened." Only with his improved outside shooting in senior three. Before the draftWhat are the characteristics of curry when he plays in the world basketball league
To some extent, Curie's playing style has even affected the development trend of the whole basketball game. Curie moves very fast. This should be the primary characteristic of curry. Although many people think that curry's physical quality is not good, for ordinary defenders
Curie playing basketball video one word: shooting

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