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Basketball calf ache why do I play basketball after

2022-06-28 01:35Street basketball singles
Summary: Why do I feel sore in my calf after playing basketballIf I haven't played basketball for a long time, it will be like this. I used to play basketball at school and couldn't play for a few hours
Why do I feel sore in my calf after playing basketball
If I haven't played basketball for a long time, it will be like this. I used to play basketball at school and couldn't play for a few hours a day, but I didn't play at home during the winter and summer holidays. Then... When I came back to school and played big and small legs again, I began to feel sore. If I continued to play for twoorthree days, I would get used to it slowlyPlaying basketball often causes sore legs
It's because I'm tired I used to warm up before playing You can use the spray of Yunnan Baiyao, which is very usefBasketball calf ache  why do I play basketball afterul! I used to get hurt with that oneHow does crus ache very much to return a responsibility when playing basketball in the morning
In severe cases, there is localized swelling on the inside of the leg or above the ankle joint, the skin feels hot, the back pedal is weak, and the pain is severe, so it is difficult to walk. The examination showed that the patients had obvious tenderness in the middle and lower part of the medial edge of the tibia of the lower leg, and some patients had tenderness in the upper part of the lower leg. The touch was high and uneven, and the pain was aggravated when the patients took off with their toes or squatted and stood upWhy does crus bilge when every time playing ball painful, send hemp
It's normal. It's caused by the stimulation of your calf when you play and run. It means that it has fully exercised. It's a good thing. Just have a rest. It doesn't matter. It's usually normal muscle pain. If you haven't improved for a long time, you should consider whether it is a pathological problem. Then you should go to the hospital for examinationThe calf muscles suddenly hurt when playing ball
One possibility is muscle maladjustment caused by sudden strenuous exercise after a long period of inactivity. This is not a big problem. Just apply hot water on it for a few days. The other is because of exercise overload, so that the muscles can not bear this kind of intense exerciseWhy does crus muscle ache after playing basketball
Because there are a lot ofBasketball calf ache  why do I play basketball after jumping in basketball, it is normal for the calf to be sore when taking off, but if it is painful for a long time, it may be a ligament injury. It is best to go to the hospital. Experts remind that fans can wash it with warm water after exercise, and apply Massage Milk and safflower oil locallyThe crus is sour when you play ball. What's the matter
The pain is usually mild, but it is obvious during exercise. Fatigue periostitis can cause local hyperosteogeny. In case of the above-mentioned performance, attention shall be paid to it and timely treatment shall be carried out. In the early stage, we only need to reduce the intensity and amount of exercise. When we exercise, we use elastic bandages to wrap the legs spirally, and the symptoms will disappear soon. Otherwise, seek medical attention as soon as possibleWhy does crus muscle ache when playing basketball
Generally, you don't exercise for a long time, and then you suddenly exert too much force. Sometimes you can't feel the explosive force when playing basketball, so your muscles will hurt unknowingly. I often do this. In the future, if you do this, do a warm-up exercise before the game to prevent muscle strain. Once you get hurt, you will regret itI often play basketball. Does it hurt my calf when I exercise? What's going on
In this case, you should rub your legs back and forth with both hands after exercise and don't eat meat because meat is acidic. Eat more vegetables and nuts. Your muscles will be very healthy. I don't know if you are prone to cramps. If the pain is accompanied by cramps, it means that muscle acid and calcium are lost. You can't use bone soup for calcium supplement because it is acidic calciumWhy does crus often feel sore after playing basketball
It's the same action that your leg muscles do repeatedly. Can he avoid pain? You go home and wash your feet with hot water. It's better to have more bubbles. After washing, rub the sore muscles and let him relax. Otherwise, if you don't practice jumping well, you'll become dead muscles. That's not worth the loss. You should play properly. Don't play hard. You should
Basketball calf ache why do I play basketball after

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