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Treatment of basketball sprain first, proper rest

2022-06-28 00:07Street basketball singles
Summary: How to deal with the sprain of the playing footIf your playing foot sprains, first of all, you should have a proper rest to avoid strenuous exercise again, so as to reduce the ligament damage of the a
How to deal with the sprain of the playing foot
If your playing foot sprains, first of all, you should have a proper rest to avoid strenuous exercise again, so as to reduce the ligament damage of the ankle and avoid poor ligament repair, resulting in instability of the ankle, which is prone to traumatic arthritis or frequent sprains in the future. So rest is very importantWhat if I sprained my foot in basketball
In daily life, ankle sprain is a very common injury, commonly known as "sprain". In case of ankle sprain, the correct emergency treatment methods are as follows: stop walking, sports or labor activities immediately, take the sitting or lying position, and pad the feet with pillows, bedding or clothes, backpacks, etcHow to deal with basketball sprain
After playing ball and spraining your foot, you should apply ice at the first time to reduce the accumulation of blood stasis, and then spray Yunnan Baiyao spray after hot compress. This can relieve the pain of the sprained foot and disperse the congestion as soon as possibleWhat is the best way to deal with your sprained foot
If you have the above symptoms, you must go to the hospital for examination, because it may be caused by fracture. Even if there is no fracture, you need to deal with the injury on your foot and the wound. After the first ice compress on the sprained foot, the swelling of the sprained foot can be relieved by ice compress. There are ice bagsPlay baskeTreatment of basketball sprain  first, proper resttball sprain hurt a foot, how should deal with just be correct
However, some people were slightly injured after spraining their feet, while others were seriously injured after spraining their feet. Many people like to play basketball. They should deal with it correctly after they sprain their feet. Don't hold on to it. They feel that they are only slightly injured and there is no big problem. If you want to keep playing basketball, you should protect your ankles, because if you have any symptoms of ankle discomfort, you willWhat measures should be taken in time after basketball sprain? How to deal with it afterwards
Answer: for basketball players, sprain is inevitable. It can be said that it is a situation that everyone will encounter. However, no one is willing to face this situation, because the sprain is an injury to their own joints. What's more, it will seriously affect our lives. The so-called breaking bones and muscles for a hundred days, what should I do after I sprained my footWhat if I sprained my ankle playing basketball
Let's talk about some solTreatment of basketball sprain  first, proper restutions aftTreatment of basketball sprain  first, proper rester sprain. Stage of foot sprain incident: stop the exercise immediately, step back to the sideline, sit down, put your feet gently on the ground, loosen your shoelaces and take off your shoes and socks (it may be a little painful, pay attention to the range of action)
When playing basketball, I sprained my ankle carelessly. What are the timely treatment methods
Usually, many young male friends like playing basketball very much in life, but as long as people who have played basketball know, it is easy to accidentally sprain their feet when playing basketball. Basically, as long as friends who have played basketball have sprained their feet. So since the situation of sprain is unavoidable in some casesI sprained my ankle playing basketball. What should I do
After injury, stop exercise immediately, and then wash the ankle joint with cold water for several minutes to avoid serious swelling and congestion. It should be noted that although some basketball fans' sprains are not very serious, playing after sprains will aggravate their condition and cause greater dangerHow to do when playing basketball
Sprain of the foot is common. Some people first try to rub the swollen place and spread the accumulated blood; Then apply it with a hot towel to promote blood circulation and detumescence; Finally, walk and move with pain. However, practice has proved that this is inappropriate, because local small blood vessels will form hematoma after Treatment of basketball sprain  first, proper restrupture and bleeding
Treatment of basketball sprain first, proper rest

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