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I like playing basketball best

2022-06-22 20:08Street basketball singles
Summary: I like playing basketballMy extracurricular life is rich and colorful. I play Gobang and computer games... But my favorite is playing basketball. On Saturday, my grandmother and I went to morning exer
I like playing basketball
My extracurricular life is rich and colorful. I play Gobang and computer games... But my favorite is playing basketball. On Saturday, my grandmother and I went to morning exercise - playing basketball. I jumped to the basketball court with my basketball in my hand. When I got to the basketball court, I held the ball high with both hands and jumped upMy hobby is playing basketball
Where there is a will, there is a way. "Not only my teachers but also my classmates are very kind to me. On the other hand, I am in good health. Because of this, I like basketball better than before. You can also see that when I am angry, I will play basketball, and then I may be happy. I like playing basketball. What's your favorite sportComposition basketball, my favorite
Now, I like dreaming, but I don't want to imagine anymore. But I have something I always adhere to, my biggest hobby___ For me, basketball is not tall, its bounce is getting worse year by year, and the hospital team also plays as a substitute, which is not enough to dispel my love for itI love playing basketball. My composition is 200 words
Therefore, it has improved my interpersonal relationship. BasketbalI like playing basketball bestl is one of the sports that require team members' unity and cooperation. It also needs regular practice to cultivate the tacit understanding between team members. Therefore, it is not only suitable for recommending to people who do not I like playing basketball bestlike to play alone, but also to make some good friends and encourage everyone to play basketball togetherOne of my favorite sports, basketball
There is nothing like it to shock my soul, nothing like it to give me a sense of transcendence. When it is running with your hand, it is as fast as the wind; When it hit the ground, it thumped like lightning. What is it? It is my favorite basketball. It is said that basketball originated in EnglandHow to write 300 words in my composition about playing basketball
I like playing basketball. I like playing basketball. I have loved this sport since I first came into contact with basketball. Every day I always find some time to play basketball. And why can it make me reach the state of "being possessed by evil"? I like playing basketball because it can strengthen my body. Playing basketball is a high-intensity competitive sportWrite a composition about liking basketball
Playing basketball is my favorite sport. As long as I don't play one day, I will always feel I like playing basketball bestuncomfortable and uneasy.? Basketball is also good for your health. Since I played basketball, my body has become stronger and stronger day by day. I can no longer stand the wind andI like playing basketball best rain as before. I often catch a coldMy hobby is playing basketball
I have many hobbies, such as playing games, skateboarding and playing football, but my favorite is playing basketball. Basketball is my partner. It can make people stronger and healthier. One night, I saw a basketball game on TV, so I sat down and looked like it was so fierce on the courtI like playing basketball
I love playing basketball. When it comes to basketball, my eyes shine. Playing basketball is my hobby, because basketball can not only exercise, but also enhance everyone's team spirit. My dream is to be a basketball player. Now, playing basketball has become a part of my life. In physical education class, I will play basketball in my free activitiesI like playing basketball
After class, the students rushed out of the classroom, and the quiet playground suddenly fell like a neutron bullet. Laughter and noise resounded throughout the campus. Some students play the romance of the Three Kingdoms, some play football, and others play three words... My favorite is playing basketball. I play basketball with wangtianyu, Gao Zhuoshi and Wang Zheng
I like playing basketball best

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