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Basketball big toe congestion basketball toe nail congestion

2022-06-26 03:37Single shot basketball video
Summary: Playing basketball toe nail congestion, how to deal with itCondition analysis: you need to go to a regular hospital for treatment. Guidance: remember to wear a pair of good basketball shoes when playi
Playing basketball toe nail congestion, how to deal with it
Condition analysis: you need to go to a regular hospital for treatment. GuidanBasketball big toe congestion  basketball toe nail congestionce: remember to wear a pair of good basketball shoes when playing basketball. Having a pair of good basketball shoes is not only helpful to play basketball, but also important to protect your toes and ankles from injury. Blocked in the pulse due to poor blood flowWhen playing basketball, the toe nail is on the shoe, and the nail of the whole thumb is full of congestion
Your situation is the same as I feel now. If it is serious, my entire toenail will soon fall off. Use a nail clipper to slowly cut off the fallen part. Then, if necessary, clean the wound with hydrogen peroxide and apply some anti-inflammatory drugs. It should be OK. Play basketball slowly before recoveryPlaying basketball, there is congestion in the toenail
Condition analysis: don't worry aBasketball big toe congestion  basketball toe nail congestionbout your condition. I have met many patients like you. I have had two choices. First, when the congestion subsides, the nails fall off by themselves. It takes about one week to three weeks. Second, go to the hospital to pull out the nails. It takes only one week. The nails can generally growWhen I play basketball, my thumb is always injured and bruised. What is the reason? Is it the shoes? Then we should
So my method is: first, choose a pair of sneakers one size larger! (compared with the usual size) second, pay special attention to the style of shoes. You should choose a loose toe Third, the selected heel had better not be too high (because too high heel will increase the stress load on the forefoot.) fourth, the sole is not easy to be too thick and hard, soft and comfortablePlaying basketball violently causes congestion under toenails. What should I do
If the congestion area is not large or serious, there is no need to squeeze it out. With the growth of new toenails, the congestion points will slowly disappear. If the congestion is very serious and the area is large, the whole toe must be treated. It is best to go to the hospital to have the doctor check it in person. If it is not serious, the whole toenail may be pulled outHow to do if you find congestion in your big toe after playing basketball
1. In the future, try to wear professional sports socks, and never wear that kind of silk socks! And change your shoes! 2. don't buy basketball shoes that are too short. It doesn't matter if they are a little longer. 3 Frequently cut nails, including fingernails, toenails grow easily like youAs long as a basketball big toe congestion, but also pay attention to some specific
It may be a shoe problem. The big toe is pressed to the front of the shoe. It is recommended to wear basketball shoes with a larger front. Then, when doing actions, especially emergenBasketball big toe congestion  basketball toe nail congestioncy stop, try not to do too much, use more cross step emergency stop, and use less jump stepHow to deal with the purple hair of basketball toes? Do you want to cut your toenails
Just like me. Personal reasons: someone stepped on his toe when playing; The toe of the shoe is tight, and there must be a certain buffer distance between the foot and the shoe when accelerating the landing, resulting in the contact and collision between the toe and the front of the shoe. Results: toe congestion. Nail looseness after ecchymosis and scab. There is no scab in the congestion, and it hurts when it is touched; Even ifPlaying basketball the day before yesterday, my big toe was trampled, and then there was congestion and pain in the whole toenail
According to the description of your condition, it may be that the toe is crushed and injured, the internal capillaries are broken, resulting in congestion, accompanied by exudate and swelling caused by infection.; It is suggested that the affected feet should not be wet to the water from now on. At the same time, external disinfection water can be used for disinfection and sterilization. Oral anti-inflammatory drugs and blood activating drugs can be used to wait for the blood stasis to subside and the injured nails to fall offPlay basketball big toe nail inside blackened how to do
I have encountered the situation you said. It may be that the nail was subjected to external force, forming congestion in the nail. At the time of injury, you may not feel the pain because you were too involved in playing basketball. Afterwards, the pain will slowly reduce or eliminate (no pain). Don't worry, the blackened nail will slowly fade away
Basketball big toe congestion basketball toe nail congestion

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