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How to defend yourself in basketball

2022-06-23 11:02Single shot basketball video
Summary: When playing basketball, how do thin people deal with personal defense? Please give me a detailed answer_ BaiduPersonal defense must have strength to fight. Being thin doesn't mean you can't hav
When playing basketball, how do thin people deal with personal defense? Please give me a detailed answer_ Baidu
Personal defense must have strength to fight. Being thin doesn't mean you can't have strength. Some are very fat and have no strength! It is suggested to lower the center of gravity in the process of defense, and put your strength on several key parts, such as pressing the opponent's knee with your own kneeHow to play basketball in close defense
If you have any questions about basketball, you can leave me a message directly on my blog, and I will answer them to you in time to learn and make progress together ~~ps: I have a lot of basketball teaching videos here, and there are special personnel to explain them. I hope you need themHowHow to defend yourself in basketball to defend those who like to fight with their bodies in basketball
Of course, the premise of such defense is that the opponent does not know how to make fouls. Otherwise, if the other side is harden, you will lose miserably. Close to the body to prevent dry pull or three points. The situation depends on the person. When the opponent wants to use his strength but dry pull the middle distance or long shot, he can take the way of pressing to get the opponent. Everyone who plays basketball knows itHow to defend when playing basketball
The steps are as follows: the first step is to train your reaction ability. Defense is more a late strike move, so the reaction time largely determines the quality of defense. Step 2: practice your lateral movement ability. In defense, opponents who holdHow to defend yourself in basketball the ball tend to change to break through and have poor horizontal movement abilityHow to block, defend and pick and roll in basketball
Personal defense ~ first of all, the defender's reaction ability and physical strength should keep up with the opponent ~ the defender is passive ~ how can he become passive to active ~ mentally, he is also very particular about ~ overwhelming the opponent in momentum ~ the action should be quick, steady and ruthless ~ after holding the opponent down in spirit and momentum ~ don't give him so easy to get rid of you to catch the ball ~ in terms of speed ~ be timelyHow to defend others when playing??? Can you put your palm on his shoulder or back_ Baidu
An offensive player can put his hand on his back when his back is facing you, but he can't obviously push or press. When an offensive player is facing you, you can see what kind of player the other side is. If the other side is a pure pitcher, the best way is to defend closely, so that he can shoot in a very difficult situation. If the other side is a breakthrough playerHow to deal with personal defense in basketball
I think the first key point of personal defense is to keep pace with each other. Second, be sensitive to the other person's movements. For example, when he wants to make movements, he should immediately stick to his body (never touch his arm) and give him appropriate pressure. When he wants to fight hard, just stand firm and work hardWhat is the normal defensive posture when playing basketball
As long as it is slightly wider than the width How to defend yourself in basketballof the right shoulder, because this is often the position where the opponent changes the back ball and just bounces up, which has a great chance to cause the opponent to change the direction and make a breakthrough mistake, so as to achieve the goal of segment ball. The fourth way is "personal defense", which is closer to the attacker than the defense mentioned aboveHow to defend in basketball
Give the other side interference in defense, open your hands, give the offensive players a sense of oppression, so that the offensive players can not break through; If the other party breaks through, use the side sliding step tHow to defend yourself in basketballo block the other party in time and cause interference as much as possible. In the basketball game, we should find the right defense, so as to better defenseWhen playing basketball, what kind of close defense is not foul and more effective
When playing basketball, if there is no foul action on the hands and body, it is not a foul. If there is a foul action on the hands and body, it is a foul. It depends on the actual situation of the defenders at that time. In addition, it also depends on the judgment scale of the referee at that time. Generally speaking
How to defend yourself in basketball

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