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Playing basketball with corns

2022-06-23 05:38Single shot basketball video
Summary: Recently, I ground a corns on the soles of my feet to play ball. The corns cream has no effect. How to deal with itPrevention of corns: do not wear hard and tight shoes to reduce friction or extrusion
Recently, I ground a corns on the soles of my feet to play ball. The corns cream has no effect. How to deal with it
Prevention of corns: do not wear hard and tight shoes to reduce friction or extrusion on the feet, and correct foot deformities. Corns folk prescription: use a knife to thin the thick skin at the long corns, then dig a small hole, put potassium permanganate on Playing basketball with cornsit, and seal it with adhesive tape. It will heal in one time. 30g buckwheat flour, 1 water chestnut, commonPlaying basketball makes the front sole of the foot a little swollen next to the cocoPlaying basketball with cornson. It's soft (it seems that there is water). It's very hard to walk
It looks like it. You can buy a box of Corn Cream and deal with it yourself according to the above requirements. There are 10 or 8 corns cream, and a special knife for cutting corns. Soak your feet in hot water, soak the corns, dry your feet, and stick the corns cream on them. After 24 hours, wait for the corneum of the corns to soften... I feel more and more pain in the back! It was corns! What should I do? I can't play basketball! Alas
Corns are localized, conical horny hyperplasia caused by local long-term compression and friction of foot skin. Commonly known as "meat thorn". People who stand and walk for a long time are more likely to occur, and friction and oppression are the main inducements. Treatment: physical therapy, electrocautery, carbon dioxide laser cautery, contact X-ray irradiation. Surgical resectionHow to play basketball with corns
Go to the hospital, laser or cut off the skin bag with a nail clipper, and then pull out the head with tweezers
There are two corns on your feet. Do you have any suggestions
If it's not serious, there's no need for surgery. Just stick chicken eye ointmePlaying basketball with cornsnt, but it takes a long time to get effective. I took a long time to stick several boxes to get effectiveWhen I played basketball, I ground two cocoon like things on my toes. Now it still hurts when I touch it. Will it be corns
It may be plantar wart. You can use San San Mei common wart tincture. Plantar wart is caused by skin cracks after friction and virus infection. Corns are not common, which is caused by pricks not pulled out. It is generally judged that the plantar wart has strong pinch pain and light tenderness. Some plantar warts have endogenous black silk, many roots, and multiple plantar wartsBecause of playing, the feet were rubbed and squeezed for a long time, and two corns grew on the thumb (possibly warts)
Answer: corns can be burned by laser in the hospital. If all the methods are ineffective, cornectomy is feasible. Prevention: to prevent corns, first correct foot deformities, wear loose shoes of appropriate size, and reduce local friction and compression... I play basketball every day. Now I find that both feet have corns. I didn't have corns before. These two days
Answer: generally, it is caused by inappropriate shoes and more activities. Corns can be treated surgically. If you don't want surgery, you need to apply corncream. This drugstore sells them, but the recovery process is slowDo basketball players have corns
Of course not. If the hands were so easy to grow corns, basketball would not become one of the most popular sports for teenagers
Can playing basketball cause corns? Always wear slippers, dry feet, wet feet and corns
I once grew corns. After a year, my father taught me to cure them quickly. Now I make selfless contributions: soak my feet to promote blood circulation, wipe them dry, put vegetable oil on the corns, or wrap them with gauze full of vegetable oil, then wrap them wPlaying basketball with cornsith oil paper, and change them twice a day in the morning and evening. Apply cooling oil to corns several times a day
Playing basketball with corns

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