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How to recover from basketball waist injury

2022-06-23 00:54Single shot basketball video
Summary: Basketball waist injuryThe next time I remember, even if it is a minor injury, I need to leave the court immediately for a rest, because the injury proves that there is too much fatigue and pressure i
Basketball waist injury
The next time I remember, even if it is a minor injury, I need to leave the court immediately for a reHow to recover from basketball waist injuryst, because the injury proves that there is too much fatigue and pressure in this position, and the muscles and nerves can not bear the limit, so it is easy to be injured. Sometimes I won't feel a big problem when playing, because the blood circulation is intense and the nerves are in an excited state, so it is difficult for me to judge the problem at that timeIs there any good way to relieve the waist sprain when playing ball
These two methods are fiHow to recover from basketball waist injuryrst aid methods. When playing ball sprain, you can use these two methods to reduce swelling and pain. If playing ball sprain, you must use drugs for treatment, such as safflower oil or other drugs, which can improve local blood circulation, reduce local pain symptoms and facilitate recoveryI sprained my waist when playing basketball. What should I do to recover as soon as possible
The main component of Yunnan Baiyao aerosol is Yunnan Baiyao Powder, which has a unique curative effect on injuries and other diseases, so it is absolutely useful after your waist sprains. First red then white, do not apply by hand after spraying, let it automatically penetrate into the skin and take effect. The most important thing is to control your addiction to playing. My foot was hurt because I didn't pay attention beforeHow did you do if you sprained your waist playing basketball
The sprain of the waist caused by playing basketball can be relieved in the following ways: the seemingly strong waist is actually fragile, and you may flash back when you get up and hit it. What if I twist my waist? One is to immediately choose a wooden bed to lie down and rest. The other is to apply cold compress locally within 24 hours of sprain. After 24 hours, you can treat yourself. Massage method: lie prone, familyHow to recover from basketball waist injury
Be sure to warm up before playing. It's normal to play ball bumps. For example, some people don't need to play basketball even if they have to rest for a long time. The recovery of the waist is a long process. 3.4 months should be good. It is very important to warm up in the future. Jog 1000 meters. Labrador abdominis and latissimus dorsi. ActivitiesHow to quickly recover from lumbar sprain during playing
Lumbar sprain is a kind of acute lumbar sprain, which often occurs when people are carrying heavy objects and rotating to throw objects. It is caused by tearing of lumbar muscles, ligaments and fascia, which can cause blood stasis, swelling, muscle spasm and lumbar pain. The disease has brought a lot of pain to patients. Now, let's invite experts to come firstCanHow to recover from basketball waist injury I play with my waist injury? How can I recover
Playing basketball is no problem, but we must make sure to play it after recovery, and step by stepFor basketball players, how can they recover from waist injury as soon as possible? Do you want to do restorative training
If possible, go to a regulaHow to recover from basketball waist injuryr hospital to take a film and confirm that the bone is OK, and then recover according to the method of muscle or soft tissue injury. When the waist sprains, you should first maintain a comfortable posture and rest quietly. At this time, you can bow down and lie on the bed, but do not lie on a too soft mattress. Avoid lying on your back with your feet straight. SoHow to recover the waist injury as soon as possible
Recovery of low back injury as soon as possible: supine health care method patients with low back pain should take the supine position. First, they should support their feet, elbows and head at five points on the bed, and lift their waist, back, buttocks and lower limbs out of the bed slightly. When they feel tired, they can restore a calm supine position for rest. Repeat this method for about 10 minutesHow can I recover as soon as possible after my waist injury while playing basketball
It may have injured the waist. It is suggested to reduce exercise in the near future, especially vigorous exercise, so as not to stimulate the injured waist and cause greater injury; At the same time, it is recommended to go to a nearby clinic or hospital for lumbar examination and rehabilitation treatment Acute lumbar sprain can make the patient lie on his back on a thick wooden bed with a pillow under his waist
How to recover from basketball waist injury

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