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Single shot basketball video

Pictures of basketball injuries no lead

2022-06-27 12:02Single shot basketball video
Summary: Will it leave a scar? I was scratched by someone else's fingernails playing basketball ~ kind hearted people, help me. The picture is as followsClean and disinfect the wound; In terms of diet, it i
Will it leave a scar? I was scratched by someone else's fingernails playing basketball ~ kind hearted people, help me. The picture is as follows
Clean and disinfect the wound; In terms of diet, it is forbidden to eat drugs containing lead and mercury, which will promote pigmentation, and soy sauce should also be eaten less; Sun protection can not be ignored. Especially in midsummer, the sun is hot and hot, and the newborn skin is tender, which is difficult to resist the ultraviolet radiation in the sunlightWhen playing basketball, the left ring finger is injured and cannotPictures of basketball injuries  no lead be bent or straightened. At most, it can only be bent to (picture)
It's best to see a doctor and recover after treatment. If you don't see it, you may get injured again next time, and your fingers will be deformed. It's very ugly, but it won't affect your normal life too much. After a period of time, you won't feel it, but your fingers won't be deformed
NBA stars, what are the most common serious injuriPictures of basketball injuries  no leades
Especially for professional basketball players, injuries are a common occurrence, especially in the NBA, which is the best basketball player in the world. Many stars are troubled by injuries. What are the most common and serious injuries that affect NBA stars? 10。Playing basketball, the little thumb joint was poked and swollen by the basketball, which was a little outrageous! It hasn't been detumescence for several years. What should I do
At the age of 30, Zhang Yishan fell and injured his knee in the set, with a large amount of red, swollen, bruised and blood stains. How is the injury at present
From these things, we can clearly see that we should not worry too much about Zhang Yishan's condition at present. It is just the damage to his appearance. This is a common thing in playing basketball. As long as we recuperate for a period of time, we will get better gradually. Of course, this still has a certain impact in daily lifeWhat is used to protect your thumb when you rub it in basketball? Picture
I don't need to wear a finger protector to tell you a simple way to go to the traditional Chinese medicine hospital to Pictures of basketball injuries  no leadbuy some blood activating wine. It's very cheap. It's about 10 yuan. When you're just injured, rinse it with cold water to relieve pain and restore the injured ligament to its original state. Then, apply hot water to it. When you sleep, wipe it with blood activating wine. It's OK. You can recover in 1~2 daysExcuse me, the expert, I scratched my face playing basketball the day before yesterday. The picture of the wound is as follows. It is the wound situation in the last three days
Answer: Condition Analysis: it is considered that the wound is caused by the epidermis of the skin, which is not very deep. Guidance: it is recommended that you keep the wound dry without touching water, disinfect it with Iodophor every day, cooperate with rivanol water gauze wet compress and oral antibiotic swelling absorption, and the wound will recover well without leaving scarsWhen playing basketball, I bumped the bridge of my nose. Now I go to the hospital to correct it. Will there be consequences
Also, the nose of Mitsui Shou in slam dunk master is often bumped and changed. He also has a lot of blood. NASH in the NBA also suffered a nose injury. Now he is all right. Basketball injury is a normal thing. A man is a man. What is this injury? Landlord, do you think so? Don't worry, look at this pictureCan I fully recover from the swelling of the finger joints injured by playing basketball? Help me, thank you
It should be that the bone sprained when it was touched, and it took a long time. It is likely to cause hyperosteogeny. However, it should not be Pictures of basketball injuries  no leadchanged in case of surgery. It is recommended to go to the orthopaedics department of a large hospital for a fluoroscopy. If it is not serious, take some medicine
I sprained my left foot playing basketball The sprain is very serious. It was swollen at that time. Attached is a picture
According to the pictures you uploaded, the edges of the high-density free bone block at the lateral ankle joint are regular, not like avulsion fracture, but now your ankle joint is still painful for 3 months. Considering the ankle ligament damage at that time, it is best to have further examination. Because the anteroposterior and lateral plain film of ankle joint has limitations
Pictures of basketball injuries no lead

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