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How long can a basketball waist sprain be cured

2022-06-27 11:02Single shot basketball video
Summary: Play basketball sprain waist, what medicine to takeTake some drugs to promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, soothe tendons and relieve pain, for example, red pills, Panax notoginseng injury
Play basketball sprain waist, what medicine to take
Take some drugs to promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, soothe tendons and relieve pain, for example, red pills, Panax notoginseng injury pills and so onWhat should I do if I twist my waist when playing basketball
If the elderly are careless in daily life, such as turning around to pick up objects, lifting heavy objects, coughing or sneezing, they are likely to cause acute lumbar sprain due to improper or excessive force. The principle that patients must abide by when carrying out auxiliary self-treatment is that it is best to stay in bed for the first 3 days of acute lumbar sprain, because the lyingHow long can a basketball waist sprain be cured position can relax the waistI sprained my waist while playing basketball. How long do I have to take care of it
It is recommended to buy a waist treasure for fear of catching cold, which will hurt for several days. Secondly, pay attention not to sit or stand for a long time. In addition, playing after the flash can no longer stretch the layup as before. If possible, find a professional place to massage. I kept it for two months during school, but it didn't get betterHow should play basketball sprain waist treat
Cold compress shall be applied within 24 hours after the sprain, and hot compress shall be applied after 24 hours. Do not give massage, which may easily lead to capillary rupture and bleeding aggravation. You can use Yunnan Baiyao spray for external spraying. The pain is not serious, and you do not need to take internal medicine
I sprained my waist playing basketball. How long can I recover? In recent ten days, as long as you exercise, your waist will ache
I also like playing basketball. I've been injured almost everywhere. The waist is the most important thing. You must take good care of it. It is recommended to keep it for more than 3 months. Otherwise, the old wound will recur, and the root cause of the disease will probably fall. I have a colleague who has a low back injury. He hasn't been well maintained, so he doesn't dare to play too hard now. So, take care of it moreHow long can I rest for recovery training after lumbar sprain
If it's serious, it's best to persuade Chen to stay still. He will be fine after 1 or 2 weeks. If you want to play basketball like this, don't play in the competition. Practice can be done, but in an appropriate amount, about 3 or 4 weeks. Never do push ups. Old Ben, if he plays basketball before his waist is well, he may suffer from an old illnessHow did you do if you sprained your waist playing basketball
The sprain of the waist caused by playing basketball can be relieved in the following ways: the seemingly strong waist is actually fragile, and you may flash back when you get up and hit it. What if I twist my waist? One is to immediately choose a wooden bed to lie down and rest. The other is to apply cold compress locally within 24 hours of sprain. After 24 hours, you can treat yourself. Massage method: lie prone, familyI sprained my waist when playing basketball. What should I do to recover as soon as possible
In fact, the problem of waist is easy to solve: as the saying goes, it hurts muscles and bones for a hundred days. If you don't treat your sprain in time after each time, or if you feel no problem after treatment and go to play again, you will definitely hurt the affected part. Over time, you won't recover! Therefore, I personally suggest that you do not do strenuous exercise in the last few daysWhen playing basketball, I sprained my waist. How long can I take the waist protection and rest to recover
I suggest you take a year off and do some recovery exercises during this period, otherwise it will be better for your whole life
I sprained my waist playing basketball It's been a long time Dare not jump hard when playing ball As soon as you jump up
Ouch, I have to recuperate slowly. Usually the waist is the transmission point of strength, especially in basketball. The toughness and strength requirements of the waist are relatively high. I have twisted my waist before, because I am only 15 years old, so I will soon get better. But I still have some experience. During the period of recuperation, especially the main waist maintenance, don't
How long can a basketball waist sprain be cured

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