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My hand tendon hurts when playing basketball

2022-06-24 11:01Basketball singles rules
Summary: My son sprained his hamstring when playing basketball 10 days ago. He has watched it many times, butAnswer: according to your situation, first of all, you need to take a film to see if there is a frac
My son sprained his hamstring when playing basketball 10 days ago. He has watched it many times, but
Answer: according to your situation, first of all, you need to take a film to see if there is a fracture. If not, you can take oral drugs for relaxing tendons and activating blood circulation, do physiotherapy, massage and other treatments. You can apply hot compress every day. During this period, you can avoid strenuous exercise and have more rest. If there is a fracture, it needs plaster fixation or surgeryI play basketball and hurt my tendon. How can I do if I walk with pain
If there is no blood at the testicle on the inner side of the thigh, it is either the crushing injury caused by excessive pressing, or the leg pressing of dancing. If it doesn't, it's a thigh injury. It's no big deal if you can walk with a thigh injury. Take some blood activating drugs, but the recovery time is not certain. It depends on the degree of injuryI hurt my wrist playing basketball, which means that the tendons of my wrist under my little finger ache, that is, the wrist bulges
I hurt my wrist playing basketball. It's the wrist under my little fingerHow to play basketball tough tendon strain
。 Your big bag is a tendinous cyst.. I have, too.. This is left after the incomplete healing of sports injury.. For example, tendon strain, tendon tear, etc... This is a kind of proliferative substance left in the body after the human body handles its own injuries and heals.. It is attached to your healing woundAfter playing basketball, I am very tired. If my feet suddenly cramp or my hands burst, what should I do
Cramps refer to the sudden involuntary tonic contraction of muscles, which can cause muscle stiffness and pain. Foot cramps are the most common experience for ordinary people. A research report pointed out that one in seven people over the age of 45 had experience of foot cramps. However, up to half of the people over 65 years old have had the uncomfortable experience of foot crampsAfter playing basketball, the tendons swell and ache
Answer: Condition Analysis: this situation should be a symptom of disharmony of Qi and blood caused by local sprain. Guiding Opinions: some anti-inflammatory and blood activating drugs can be taken orally. Such as: Sanqi wound tablet, Shujin Huoxue treatment. Apply some safflower oil on the local area and massage appropriately. Pay attention to restHow does thumb play basketball tendon to pull wound to do
Two problems: one is pain management, the other is rehabilitation training Both need face-to-face guidance from doctorsAfter playing basketball last night, my tendons hurt very much this morning. It hurts when I touch or press them. The rest is nothing. Who knows how to
It's a small thing. If you don't have a normal reaction to strenuous exercise after a long time of exercise, you can either wipe it with blood activating drugs or Baijiu under multiple activities
How to do if you hit your hand and hurt your finger's tendons when playing basketball
Answer: if you hit your hand when playing basketball, it will cause swelMy hand tendon hurts when playing basketballling and pain. Cold compress within 12 hours and My hand tendon hurts when playing basketballhot compress after 24 hoursWhen playing basketball, the tendon on the arm took advantage of it. It hurt for more than half a month. How can it be good
At the beginning, apply ice to control the injury. In thMy hand tendon hurts when playing basketballe next few days, use hot water to soak ginger tablets. If the condition does not improve in 5 to 6 days, you'd better go to the hospital. I wish you a speedy recovery
My hand tendon hurts when playing basketball

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