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Basketball diary 300 finally realized

2022-06-23 07:25Basketball singles rules
Summary: Basketball composition 300 word scene description, beginning and end echoes and ending questionsMy first goal in basketball I haven't played basketball since I was a child. This is my first goal. M
Basketball composition 300 word scene description, beginning and end echoes and ending questions
My first goal in basketball I haven't played basketball since I was a child. This is my first goal. My first goal has finally come true. This evening, I went to the club to play basketball with my brother. I scored the first goal next time. I felt very happy. I finally scored, and then scored one after anotherBasketball diary 300 words
The weekly basketball class finally began. This basketball class made me make a lot of progress. The main practice this time is shooting. We are divided into two teams and have a shooting game. The rules of the game are very simple. As long as we dribble the ball according to the route within the specified time, shoot again at theBasketball diary 300  finally realized appropriate position, and score one pointHow to write 300 words in my composition about playing basketball
I like playiBasketball diary 300  finally realizedng basketball. I like playing basketball. I have loved this sport since I first came into contact with basketball. Every day I always find some time to play basketball. And why can it make me reach the state of "being possessed by evil"? I like playing basketball because it can strengthen my body. Playing basketball is a high-intensity competitive sportOne happy thing one by one play basketball composition 300 words
I have spent a lot of happy time, and many things have happened that make me happy. One of the things that makes me especially happy is to travel. I got up before dawn that day. I carried my small travel bag on the bus. I made many Basketball diary 300  finally realizedgood friends on the bus. We sang along the wayA weekly record of playing basketball
The fun of playing basketball I am a sports enthusiast, basketball, football, table tennis, badminton... Are all my favorite sports Among them, basketball is my favorite sport, because it brings me endless funWinter vacation weekly basketball 300 words
I'm also a basketball fan. Have you ever seen someone play basketball before dawn and don't even eat breakfast? I'm sure you haven't seen it yet, but I am such a person. One day, you only see a person playing basketball alone in a community in the middle of the night. Needless to sayAbout playing basketball Basketball diary 300  finally realizedessay 300 words quick
Compared with these stars, hee hee, I am no inferior. In our class, it is generally acknowledged that I am the most fond of basketball. Sometimes I even forget to eat in order to play basketball. In my home, there are more than 30 paintings of basketball stars alone. These famous experts are pasted beside my bed, like many othersHelp me write a 300 word diary, basketball player, junior high school student
One day, a classmate in the class brought basketball. In the physical education class that day, I came into contact with basketball for the first time. It gives me the feeling of a word?? "Heavy". If I want to make the basketball touch the backboard once, I have to use all my strength to throw it up, so that I can barely touch the backboardBasketball break diary 300 words
In the morning, I asked some classmates to play basketball. The school where we play. When I got to the school, I said, "roll call, tianxiaoyu, liyanhe, wangzhenyu and sunjie." They all arrived one by one. We divided into groups and let Tian Xiaoyu be the referee. I'm in a group with sunjie, wangzhenyu and liyanheThird grade composition 300 words to play basketball
Everyone has his own hobbies. For example, I like playing basketball, football, badminton and so on. But my favorite thing is playing basketball. According to my mother, playing basketball is a good sport. It can not only strengthen the body, but also exercise people's mind and thinking ability. It can also help children grow up! Once, I was with Liujialong
Basketball diary 300 finally realized

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