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Play basketball with protruding lumbar disc

2022-06-23 07:18Basketball singles rules
Summary: Can playing basketball paralyze a person with a protruding lumbar discI am a patient with lumbar disc herniation who has been operated on for 2 months. Playing basketball at home has a great impact on
Can playing basketball paralyze a person with a protruding lumbar disc
I am a patient with lumbar disc herniation who has been operated on for 2 months. Playing basketball at home has a great impact on lumbar disc herniation. For patients with lumbar disc herniation, doctors generally advise him to do less vigorous exercise, especially the exerciPlay basketball with protruding lumbar discse with more jumpsCan you play after the lumbar disc protrudes
First of all, I clearly told you that before your lumbar disc protrusion was cured, you should never play basketball. Secondly, you should not do it within 1-2 years after your lumbar disc was cured. You must take a good rest for a period of time, and then you can slowly and gradually carry out this kind of exercise. Finally, I recommend you to take conservative treatment of traditional Chinese medicineCan slight lumbar disc protrusion be recovered by playing basketball
It's better not to do this. If you can't recover, it may get worse. A little intense exercise, improper posture and excessive exertion in basketball may cause uneven stress on the lumbar intervertebral disc, resulting in increased protrusion and even a complete breakthrough. It is recommended not to do strenuous exercise, and you can wear waist circumference to strengthen protection during exerciseCan lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion play table tennis? What about basketball
Those with protruding lumbar disc cannot play basketball, which must be paid attention to Lumbar disc herniation is a degenerative disease with low immunity, which can not be cured, but can be cured. For the existing treatment methods: surgical treatment, conservative traction and massage treatPlay basketball with protruding lumbar discment and drug treatment, each has its own advantages and disaPlay basketball with protruding lumbar discdvantagesCan you play with a protruding lumbar disc
Answer: playing is not recommended for lumbar disc herniation. Patients with lumbar disc herniation are not recommended to do strenuous exercises, such as mountain climbing, playing basketball, yoga, cycling, swimming, etc. It is better not to do the above strenuous exercise. Cervical (lumbar) intervertebral disc herniation is a stubborn disease, and it is impossible to completely cure it! Is playing basketball beneficial to the recovery of lumbar disc herniation? Thank you
Answer: Problem Analysis: lumbar disc herniation is mostly caused by lumbar sprain, squeezing the intervertebral disc, causing it to rupture and compressing the nerves. Suggestions: it is suggested that you should take part in basketball activities as little as possible. Once you have a large amount of activities, or sprain and oppress your nerves, you can aggravate your back painCan lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion do exercise? Like playing basketball properly
! First of all, I wish you a speedy recovery! "Lumbar intervertebral disc process can do (moderate) exercise (, not) basketball"! Let me talk to you about the treatment of "lumbar disc herniation". We are in the same boat. The last one in my life is located at the estuary of the Yangtze RiverAfter suffering from lumbar disc herniation, can you still play basketball
It is better for patients with lumbar disc herniation to play less basketball. After all, they already have some problems in their waist. Playing basketball is easy to flash to the waist, causing disease recurrence and aggravating disease. Therefore, basketball is not recommendedWhat kind of exercise can effectively alleviate lumbar disc herniation? Is it possible to curPlay basketball with protruding lumbar disce lumbar disc herniation thoroughly_ Hundred
1. Swimming, swimming can enable the human body to carry out whole-body exercise without carrying weight. In order to fight against the water temperature and accelerate the blood circulation, it can promote the rapid regression of the inflammatory reaction at the herniated part of the intervertebral disc
Play basketball with protruding lumbar disc

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