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Pain in bending of finger joints when playing basketball

2022-06-28 02:18Basketball singles rules
Summary: I hit my finger while playing basketball. Now the finger will ache as soon as it bends, how to doCondition analysis: it is considered that there is local soft tissue damage, and it is the guidance tha
I hit my finger while playing basketball. Now the finger will ache as soon as it bends, how to do
Condition analysis: it is considered that there is local soft tissue damage, and it is the guidance that needs to pay attention to rest. In addition, it is possible to consider local hot compress, massage and physiotherapy. At the same time, it is also possible to take drugs to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, Sanqi tabletsWhen playing basketball, you don't pay attention to the injury of your fingers when you catch the ball. If you don't get swollen, you can straighten them, but the bend hurts very much. What's the matter
Answer: Problem Analysis: playing basketball inadvertently leads to finger pain, swelling and limited function. It is necessary to consider whether there is bone and joint problems in combination with clinical practice. Suggestions: of course, if there is pain and limited function now, it is still necessary to determine whether there is bone abnormality through film examination before post-treatmentAfter playing, the joint of the second segment of the index finger of the finger is a little swollen and painful. As soon as it bends down
Condition analysis: diagnosed as synovitis of finger joint. Guidance mainly caused by cold and excessive traction: it is recommended that you go to the physical therapy department for finger joint massage and TDP treatment, rest more, keep warm and reduce activities as much as possibleI poked my finger when playing basketball. Now this joint is very painful and numb when it bends. What should I do
It is recommended to apply ice within two hours to prevent further damage to the capillaries. Hot compress should be applied after more than two hours because it will no longer cause further damage. Hot compress can accelerate the blood flow and promote the repair of soft tissues. Just soak a towel in hot water, twist the towel and wrap it in the swollen part for hot compress. The temperature should not be too high... It didn't hurt very much at first. Later, I found that my fingers hurt when I bent them. My joints are a little swollen. Please_ Baidu knows
It can be seen that the dislocation is deformed. It may be just soft tissue contusion. If it is still swollen badly, use ice to reduce swelling and relieve pain. When it is not swollen, that is, when the capillaries inside do not bleed, you can use a hot towel to promote absorption. Usually, you should move your fingers more, so that you can recover wellWhy does the joint between fingers ache after playing basketball
In the outpatient service, it is not uncommon for friends to come to see a doctor because of finger joint pain. Some people hit their fingers when playing basketball, causing pain and swelling at the same time; Some people get up in the morning and find that their fingers are stiffMy finger was poked a few months ago because of plaPain in bending of finger joints when playing basketballying basketball. Sometimes I feel a little stiff and painful when I bend it. Sometimes I don't have any pain
- -. Go and buy some Pain in bending of finger joints when playing basketballsafflower medicine to wipe and then apply some plaster. Or you bend your fingers hard. Don't worry. Although it hurts, it doesn't matter much. So often. If it is swollen, it is recommended to buy safflower medicine and plaster. It will be fine in a few days. There is no need to worry about this minor injury. The shift does not existEvery time after playing basketball, it hurts to press and hold that place with your fingers, and it hurts when you bend. What's the problem? Is it a knee injury
Joint injury. It may be arthritis or meniscus injury. I have the same problem. Too many one foot jumps. Stop playing basketball, stick some plasters or Votalin to relieve pain, and go to the hospital to take a film if you do it again for a long time
Yesterday, I was stabbed in my basketball finger. It was swollen and ecchymosis. It was painful when it was bent. Is it a fracture
I have encountered the situation you said many times. It should be said that people who often play basketball will encounter it. It is normal. First of all, I tell you that it is not a fracture, but a soft tissue contusion. This is because your finger joints are not well prepared at the moment of contact with basketballPlaying ball hurts, and your little thumb hurts when you bend it
There should be nothing wrong with it. I used to do the same when I was in college. Now my fingers are a little deformed. After the injury, the maintenance will be good for a while. If you can't hold back and want to play, just be careful. Don't poke the ball again
Pain in bending of finger joints when playing basketball

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