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Playing basketball JMS not just about operation

2022-06-24 17:02Basketball single shot skills
Summary: Street basketball experts enterTo tell the truth, it is not only the operation problem, but also the ability value. For example, the big back 2 produced by PG is only effective after two small a's.
Street basketball experts enter
To tell the truth, it is not only the operation problem, but also the ability value. For example, the big back 2 produced by PG is only effective after two small a's. However, it is unlikely that SF, which is not tight and has high dribbling ability, will be shaken down as long as it does not point in the wrong direction. In addition, the problem of network speed sometimes occursThere are movies about basketball
Can you imagine that in the 1960s, almost all the people playing basketball in the major basketball leagues were white? Not to mention that the whole team is full of black players with mediocre results, and they can win the NCAA championship! Coach Don Huggins is enough to become a legend. His victory with his team has even completely changed the face of American basketball (see today's)
How the street basketball SG retreats to pull people "jms+ back 2"
As far as I know, the simplest way to pull people back is to pull back and get any role. Case: at the beginning, SG holds the ball against C, and can pull C. SG holds the ball close to C, and C and hostile g exchange defense and retreat inward. At this time, as long as they are within 3 positions, they can pull back and pull C. Give 2 points to the inside line easilyHow to prevent JMS breakthrough in street basketball
JMS is SG's unique skill, which is really difficult to prevent, because you don't know whether the opponent is JMS or retreating. To prevent JMS, you should not only see which hand holds the ball, but also remember the opponent's skillsHow to play SF of street basketball well
As for how to play SF, it should be needless to say that the main way to play SF is to fight against the opponent's weakness. 3. Is SF still a very accurate weakness? That is, if the opponent's defense against you is an outside line g, you can play inside. If your defense is an inside line, you can play outside. In addition, there is a new skill JMS dribblingWill a person be as sharp as PG after SG reaches level 31 in street basketball
Now I'm practicing a pg26j and I'm running for 80. SG will be thrown away at ordinary speed, so James can get stuck when he retreats. It's not as simple as pg. SG depends on running position to find empty play ability 3. If you really want a, you need to work hardWhen playing basketball, how to defend and attack in the face of people who are about the same height and stronger than you_ Hundred
Just stick to it at the same speed as you. If you don't throw, you can also cut off the connection between the center and the outside line. Walk around the front and pay attention to the defense of your teammates behind. When attacking, look at his defensive position, throw when he is far away, throw when he is near, and play when he is not strong. It's best not to let anyone take the ball in the low postIn the basketball court, serve from the front court to the back court, for example
Answer: if the front court player serves directly to the back court and crosses the centePlaying basketball JMS  not just about operationr line, and the player of his own side touches thePlaying basketball JMS  not just about operation ball first, it should be a return violation. If the opponent touches the ball first, it will not be a violation (except in the fourth quarter and / or the last two minutes of any overtime)Which position is the most handsome on the basketball court
The point guard is the most handsome only in terms of position, and it is another matter to be specific to individuals. The point guard is the commander-in-chief on the field. He determines the tactical playing methods and controls the situation. The key to the question: is it the soldier commander in front of the charge or the General Commander in command? An analogy: Liu Bei is the team leader and coach, and Zhugeliang is the point guardStreet basketball SF score
The most important thing to score in playing SF is running. Make more use of pick and roll and reverse running. It is unwise for a person to be strong in SF. The reverse running is 3 points accurate. We should make more use of these advantages. It's no good thinking about taking risks all the time. Interfering with the other side is a successful defense. Skills: faceup, empty and solid, perfect, retreat, make up defense
Playing basketball JMS not just about operation

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