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Playing basketball with little thumb eversion to normal state

2022-06-24 14:02Basketball single shot skills
Summary: When playing basketball, the little finger poked the basketball. At that moment, it felt that the little finger bent outward, and then it became straight, butYes, it hurts. But you should have the cou
When playing basketball, the little finger poked the basketball. At that moment, it felt that the little finger bent outward, and then it became straight, but
Yes, it hurts. But you should have the courage to move your finger to a normal state, or move it in the hospital. Then you should not use that finger for a month. It will be better slowly. It will be better faster if you use Huang Daoyi~~~
Playing basketball with a crooked thumb (experienced players)
If you can still move, there's no big problem. It's just a ligament injury and a slight dislocation of the joints. It may be that the little thumb is a little thinner, which is a little more serious than before. I used to play basketball. When I was grabbing the ball on the ground, my thumb and index finger were hit by someone else's knee. It was very serious. The muscles at the root of my fingers were very swollenA month ago, when playing basketball, the little thumb was misplaced. At that time, the second joint of the left little thumb was bent outward
Everyone is right. You are too delicate. Are you a man? Do you want to film the dislocation of the little finger? I suggest you go to the community health center to have a look. This kind of big hospital with small problems is not good. It's OK to take care of them. It's a hundred days since you hurt your muscles and bones. Several basketball players have not been injuredPlaying basketball, the top half of my little thumb bent over and I folded him back
A friend of mine also encountered this situation. It is a dislocation of the bone joint, not a dislocation, not a fracture. There will be some swelling and pain, which is the result of ligament strain. It's OK. Don't play ball these days. Apply ice first. Two days later, soak in hot water. After soaking in hot water, apply a little safflower oil or bone setting water. SoonHelp!! When playing basketball, I was accidentally hit by the basketball on my little finger, and then the little finger almost tilted out for dozens of times
Answer: Condition Analysis: After excluding fracture Local contusion may be considered Take a rest first Reasonable diet guidance: Increase nutrition Take vitamins Keep warm locally Avoid cold and humidity Early cold compress Hot compress later Apply Shangtong tincture externally Safflower oil, etc Take Fenbid Diclofenac Panax notoginseng injury Chlorzoxazone Vitamin E.CWhen playing basketball, the fingernail of the little thumb is cocked up. What should I do
Because of the impact, the early growth is deformed. It will be fine in a period of time. I used to do the same with my toes. It's OK. Adopt Yo to ask: the problem is, now, the little thumb is still better swollen than that. Moreover, there is no nail in front of it. When the nail grows from insideThe little thumb of playing basketball is twisted and turned over. It's very serious. It looks like muscle strain. What should I do
Are you sure it's a muscle strain??? For a long time, you can do hot compress every day ~ ~ during this period, don't move your hands ~ ~ ~ use the hands that aren't hurt when surfing the Internet ~ ~ ~ if it's a muscle injury, the pain of your hands will be reduced after a few days. At that time, you should often move your thumb, massage more, and promote blood circulation ~ ~ you can paste ointment on the injury ~ that's OKWhen I play basketball, what should I do if I rub the middle section of the smallest finger of my right hand into the basketball valgus
Of course, it may not be as serious as what I said, because I only speculated based on the conditions you gave. But since I was injured, I don't want to play in the short term. I don't mean three or two days in the short term. If I say three or two days without playing, I'm not responsible for you. It hurts your muscles and bonesPlaying basketball with little thumb eversion  to normal state for a hundred days. Maybe the old saying is conservativeThe little thumb bent at the moment of basketball finger injury! Have you met
Go to the hospital to have a look at the photos. If it's not dislocation, it's OK. It can't be a fracture! Also, when you massage, don't pull it out, but gently press it inward (this is very important, and it is easy to cause misunderstanding) because it will be much slower to get better when the little finger muscles and veins are far awayWhen playing basketball, the little finger is directly tilted by 90 degrees. Once it is broken, it will come back. Solve it
Go to the hospital or school medical office to fix it, otherwise it will be dislocated or habitually dislocated, and it will be dislocated as soon as it is touched in the future
Playing basketball with little thumb eversion to normal state

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