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Harden plays basketball

2022-06-24 04:39Basketball single shot skills
Summary: Do you know how hard harden walked on the basketball roadUnlike many NBA players, when he was a child, harden did not show his outstanding basketball talent. He was a full fat boy and even had severe
Do you know how hard harden walked on the basketball road
Unlike many NBA players, when he was a child, harden did not show his outstanding basketball talent. He was a full fat boy and even had severe asthma. Once he exercised violently, he would have difficulty breathing. But for harden, the only way to fulfill his promise of becoming a big star with his mother is to play basketballHow is harden playing
If you want to get a foothold in the NBA, you must have your own hoHarden plays basketballusekeeping skills. During the thunder team period, James Harden had very little time to make moves. However, the Rockets had enough space for him to show his talent. His situation was very similar to that when the OK team disintegrated and Kobe Bryant fought alone, even if there were many mistakesHow to evaluate harden's performance under the new NBA rules
The warriors' green deeply agreed with this. Green said that when you met him, he would immediately hook you and let you be called a foul, which made him unable to be defended. Green believes that before many people could make fouls, harden was already a master of making fouls. Off-seasonHow does harden play? Why is it said to deviate from the appreciation
Harden should have fouled to save energy. After all, he won the Rockets. Most games are 40 minutes. Proper free throws save energy. But it must have hurt the enjoyment of the game. It is far fetched to say that the process of making a foul is good. This is really part of the game. But there are a lot of parts in the game, garbage, three sections of flowers, andHow did harden perform in his career debut
Now, harden has finally got his wish to join the basketball nets. It can be said that this is also a team he has dreamed of. Because harden has already said that he wants to join the basketball nets during the off-season, and he also wants to cooperate with Durant to compete for a championship in this wayHow much is the basketball court
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How to evaluate harden's ball control ability and pitching ability? At what level in the NBA
Harden's ball control ability and projection ability are absolutely top-level. If you want to find a template, it may surprise people. Ginobili, the "magic knife", harden is a veHarden plays basketballry comprehensive player. Both ball control ability and three-point ability are the top level in the NBA. If you want to say the shortcomingsHarden's playing characteristics are comparable to James. Who is the most suitable for harden in the NBA
The three famous players in American basketball circle Harden plays basketballare praising harden as the strongest star of the season. The famous ESPN speaker Stephen -a- Smith praised harden's performance in the recent program and thought that if he continued to play in the current wayHarden's playing style is not violent. Why was he injured in the nets
First of all, jamesharden is 31 years old. Athletes have been 30 years old. Because they have been in high-intensity sports for many years, they have great pressure on their bodies. The process from quantitative change to qualitative change finally broke out at the age of 31. This situation is a law of life and cannot be avoided. Secondly, jamesharden's self-discipline problem, when the Rockets played, used to beWhat are the main reasons for harden's excellent performance against the Clippers
Teammate Clarkston gave an interview after the game and said the real reason for harden's excellent performance. He thinks that the rest during the isolation period is very beneficial to harden, because harden wants to live in Los Angeles to complete the isolation, so he actually plays at home. From this point of view, if harden wants to play well, he must be energetic, as long asIf harden stays with the Rockets, can he become the first person of the Rockets
We all know that harden's basketball talent is very high, and harden loves basketball very much. He has given his all for the basketball career. It is precisely because of his unremitting efforts and persistence that he has made great achievements in the NBA. If harden stays with the Rockets, he will surely become the first person of the Rockets
Harden plays basketball

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