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Basketball single shot skills

Can high myopia play basketball

2022-06-22 18:02Basketball single shot skills
Summary: Is it possible to play basketballYou have high myopia. You'd better not play basketball. Because your basketball is a kind of strenuous exercise, high myopia often pulls the vitreous due to the ret
Is it possible to play basketball
You have high myopia. You'd better not play basketball. Because your basketball is a kind of strenuous exercise, high myopia often pulls the vitreous due to the retina. Strenuous exercise causes the blood flow to speed up, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the eyes, which may cause the retina to be overloaded, pull the vitreous, and cause the vitreous to fall offI am short-sighted, but I play basketball, can I play basketball
Generally speaking, myopia can play basketball, but we should pay attention to: high myopia; aged; An eyeball that has been traumatized. These three groups of people playing basketball may cause retinal detachment, so these three groups are not recommended to play basketball. In addition, when playing basketball with myopia, you should pay attention to:
Can myopia play basketball
It is often seen that some people wear glasses to play in the wild court, but few players wear glasses to play in the professional basketball court. Many fans believe that nearsightedness should not be able to play professional basketball, but this is not the case. The five short-sighted members of the first team won the championship easily. Howard was once the No. 1 center in the leagueCan high myopia play basketball
Higher than 600 degrees in medicine is called high myopia. High myopia is prone to retinal detachment (a serious blinding disease) due to its pathological changes, and will aggravate the formation of cataract and vitreous opacity, resulting in decreased visionCan myopic 800 degrees still play basketball
Yes, many amateur volleyball players are short-sighted. If you want to play volleyball, you can match it with an invisible one
High myopia, can you play ball
It's OK not to rule out high myopia, but most of them can't stand the toss. There are dozens of layers inside the eyeball, like a cake. It is one of Can high myopia play basketballthe organs that human beings have not evolved well. It is similar to the appendix. Children in some countries have their appendix cut off at birth... High myopia is best not to play ball. At presentCan high myopia play basketball
According to clinical experience, a considerable number of high myopia is axial myopia, that is, the axis of the eye is elongated. When the ocular axis is lengthened, it is like a balloon being blown larger, the balloon wall will become thinner, our retina will become thinner, and the pressure it can withstand will become smaller. If the patient participates in strenuous sports such as playing basketball and collidesCan you play basketball with myopia of 800 degrees
But also to prevent possible harm. I know you don't wear glasses. I mean you can use the protective glasses for basketball. Haven't you ever seen NBA stars use them? If you don't think it's necessary, you can leave it alone. Just protect it more. After all, you are highly myopic. It's always right to be carefulIs myopia suitable for playing basketball
You'd better not play basketball. Even so, what about your shooting? Maybe most of them can't make it. I'm a typical example. I'm also short-sighted, but I also love playing basketball. I want to join the school team. The teacher asked me to join. After playing for some time, my corner of the eye was rubbed. The teacher asked me to quit the basketball team. I'm 300 degrees short-sightedCan't you play basketball with high myopia of about 700 degrees
In high myopia, the eye axCan high myopia play basketballis is generally lengthened, and the retina is not very close to the eye wall, which is prone to retinal detachment, retinal tears and other risks. Basketball is quite fierce, and there may be high-intensity collisions, which may affect the eyes. Hope to dispel doubts
Can high myopia play basketball

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