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Basketball single shot skills

Japanese cartoon characters playing basketball

2022-06-27 13:03Basketball single shot skills
Summary: Look for a Japanese cartoon about basketball. The main character is a short boy (about 1Protagonist: Kazuhiko Aikawa is a normal urchin, and he becomes a complete fighter with basketball. 1.75 meters
Look for a Japanese cartoon about basketball. The main character is a short boy (about 1
Protagonist: Kazuhiko Aikawa is a normal urchin, and he becomes a complete fighter with basketball. 1.75 meters tall, but can dunk (this is more exaggerated than dunk Master). I transferred to tiantongsi high school (equivalent to Shanwang industry) and came to Mizuho high school. As for the reason, I'll sell it. Let's look for it when we see it. AlmightyDoes Japan really have a basketball player in Sakuragi flower path
At the end of the cartoon, Sakuragi has played basketball for less than 4 months (the average person may not reach the level of basketball collar in 4 years). Playing with his talent, he already has the ability to shoot in the middle. Shanwang's score is second only to Mitsui and surpasses Liuchuan. Moreover, the cartoon says thaJapanese cartoon characters playing basketballt Sakuragi has always wanted to be the king of scoring and is particularly interested in shootingThere is an anime in Japan that plays basketball
Masakoshi Hesen (the author of Macross), who is controversial in the animation fans' circle, announced on October 20 that his new work "robot basketball basquash" had begun to be produced. With his appeal, this news immediately attracted the attention of animation fans. Now the work has Japanese cartoon characters playing basketballbegun to take shapeWhat are the animation works about basketball
Those who have had similar experience raise their hands), and others, such as the backward jump shot and the backward step jump shot, can be done like cats and dogs. At the same time, this animation catches up with the east wind of China's vigorous development of basketball. The basketball court on campus is standard, so playing basketball in spare time has become the main sport for boys in spare time"Slam dunk master" is praised by many people. Why is "sunspot's Basketball" criticized and insulted by basketball
First of all, the characterization of sunspot basketball is too divorced from reality. The members of the rainbow team in sunspot's basketball have their own unique abilities, which makes each character have distinctive characteristics. These images are some of the most common juvenile animation characters in Japanese animation. Characterization is too idealistic, soAsk for some Japanese basketball animation
Classic slam dunk master slam dunk teenager sunspot's basketball loli club to Takeshi's basketball teenager Wang Yukio Kawaguchi's basketball Savior >& lt; Zero second shooting basketball boy
Japanese animation basketball
This work tells the story of the dream sixth man sunspot and the talented basketball player Huoshen big me who returned from the United States. Vulcan is determined to defeat the "miracle era" and become the first basketball player in Japan. Sunspot also decided to help him. After they officially joined the basketball club together, they will play their first friendly game in the futureJapan has a basketball animation, a street basketball player, a good memory, a pass
Sunspot's basketball, the street basketball you said may be Qingfeng with very fancy movements, the one with good memory may be Erhuang with strong imitation ability, and the one with powerful passing is the main character sunspot. The three-point ball is Xiaolv, who has a super-high purple field, plus the domineering captain chisiIntroduce some basketball animation, preferably hot blooded
100% vitality (cartoon, which tells the story that the heroine was forced to dress up as a man to enter a basketball school because her father loved basketball very much) aJapanese cartoon characters playing basketballcross the court (cartoon, every child can play basketball even if he is too short? An incredible juvenile dream) basketball music turned the world upside down (cartoon, who wanted to join the baskJapanese cartoon characters playing basketballetball team wholeheartedly, only because of a silly smile in the trial
A Japanese cartoon about basketball
I'm not a slam dunk expert. Maybe a transfer student who likes basketball joined the basketball club in a new high school, but that school doesn't pay attention to the men's basketball department, but there is a women's basketball department... I want to ask the name of the animation (maybe the content is wrong)
Japanese cartoon characters playing basketball

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